IN15 High Resolution Spin-echo spectrometer

Guide hall n°2, cold polarising guide H511

Neutron beam characteristics

diameter at sample position

40 mm

incident wavelength

6 ... 25 Å

monochromatisation Δλ/λ (FWHM)

15% (velocity selector)

incident beam divergence

<17 mrad


V cavity, 1 m long (provided by HZB Berlin)


FeCo-Si supermirrors on Si substrate


FeCo supermirrors (provided by HZB Berlin)

Precession coils

max. field of solenoid

750  mT

max. field integral

1.05 Tm


32 x 32 pixels, each 1 cm2
at a distance of 4.6 m from the sample
1 bar 3He and 0.3 bar CF4


32 x 32 cm2

pixel size

1 cm2

angular range θ

2° ... 70° (Cryostat)

 2° ... 30° (Oven, Sample Changer)

angular resolution

2 x 10-3 rad

Instrument Description

The spin-echo spectrometer IN15 is a conventional spin echo spectrometer using a velocity selector and a neutron guide between selector and precession magnet.

A wide wavelength band is used covering a large area in q-time space even for one single detector position). 

Normal mode of operation 

Due to the use of neutrons of long wavelength (6 Å < λ < 25 Å) IN15 offers a better energy resolution (proportional to λ-3 ) than its predecessor IN11 and it reaches considerably lower q-values (proportional to λ-1 ).

Summary of the performance at λ = 17.3 Å 

  • The intensity is sufficiently high for typical small-angle scattering experiments.
  • Maximum Fourier Time of 1000 ns
  • Q-range from 0.01 Å-1 up to 0.42 Å-1