Large dynamic range small-angle diffractometer


D22 SEC-SANS can exist in two different configurations:

- one with only one column enabling to screen many Buffer D2O contents

- one, more usual, with two columns enabling to equilibrate one column while eluting through the second one .

  1. Buffer bottles
  2. Buffer valves
  3. Pumps (pdf - 5.26 Mi)
  4. Mixing valve
  5. Ante and Post 2-way valves (pdf - 1.40 Mi)
  6. Injector (pdf - 2.26 Mi)
  7. Column(s): HiTrap (pdf - 218 Ki), Superdex75 (pdf - 268 Ki), Superdex200 (pdf - 649 Ki)
  8. Measurement cell
  9. Spectrophotometer (pdf - 409 Ki)
  10. Fraction Collector (pdf - 6.97 Mi)
  11. Waste

The entire set up sits in a thermalised box and is controlled by Nomad through 3 tabs:

  1. Samples Buffers tab to define your columns, buffers and samples with a title and their position
  2. HPLC controller tab to set the chromatography parameters with up to 4 wavelength for absorbance measurement and the options to equilibrate the non-eluting column, to slow down the elution at a specific absorbance threshold to enable SANS data accumulation and to collect eluted fractions
  3. Execution tab as for usual experiment.

Sample requirements: as for cuvette measurement, the minimum sample requirement is about 200uL at 1-2mg/mL (after dilution by the column). It obviously depends on the contrast. The exposure time is usually of the order of 20min (+ elution time). Each piece of equipment can also be controlled individually (the spectro for example).


All chromatography parameters and results are saved in the SANS nxs file.