College 6

Structure and dynamics of disordered systems

College Secretary:CUELLO Gabriel
Mailing list: col06_l(at)

College 6 is interested in the structure and dynamics of disordered systems. Disordered systems, in particular liquids and glasses, exhibit complex behaviours. Proper understanding of these systems require a multidisciplinary  approach - combining neutron experiments and computer simulations have provided deeper insight into properties of disordered systems.

The main instruments used for College 6 proposals are:

If you want to come to the ILL and give a seminar, please contact Markus APPEL.
He can schedule a seminar at the ILL any time (best on Monday and Wednesday).
Travel and expenses for your stay may be reimbursed. Do not hesitate to suggest giving a seminar if you are coming for an experiment in Grenoble (ILL, ESRF, EMBL, CEA, CNRS, ...).

  • 6-01 Monatomic liquids and gases
  • 6-02 Molecular liquids and gases
  • 6-03 Liquid alloys and molten salts
  • 6-04 Glassy behaviour in polymers
  • 6-05 Glasses and amorphous materials
  • 6-06 Short-range atomic correlations in disordered crystals (total scattering)
  • 6-07 Structure and dynamics of confined and porous systems

List of subcommittee 6 members, pdf file (pdf - 6.66 Ki).