Director's Discretionary Time (DDT)

5% of ILL beamtime is reserved for proposals that do not fall within the usual framework for proposal submission.
Primarily these proposals concern urgent experiments that cannot wait for the twice-yearly proposal rounds. Proposals can be submitted at any time and they will be reviewed by the chair and relevant members of the proposal subcommittee concerned and the ILL science director. If the proposal is successful, beamtime will be awarded on the requested instrument as soon as possible.

New: DDT may also be used to award beamtime to excellent proposals which do not satisfy the rule in which two-thirds of the proposers must come from ILL's Associate and Scientific Member countries (see two-thirds rule below). These proposals can therefore be submitted by any team with an excellent idea for an experiment; this must be done through the usual proposal rounds so that the level of excellence can be judged by comparison with other proposals.

Applications for Director's Discretionary Time may be submitted at any time.
Fill in the appropriate form with your personal details and proposal description, and send it to to the Director of Science  and to the ILL User Office.

 Directors Discretion Time proposal (docx - 34 Ki)