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Deepening the understanding of multiple metal elements structures

A recent study involving neutron diffraction experiments has enabled the development of a new, general strategy to produce complex materials with metal cation arrangements that can be controlled on demand for desired applications; a result that will be of great importance in various fields. [more]

A new ILL-ESS Multi-Grid detector

Multi-grid detectors, introduced at the ILL in 2010, have shown great potential to replace Helium-3-based detectors, and as a result, they will equip several instruments at ESS. One of the prototypes developed at the ILL in collaboration with ESS was tested in December 2017 at the LLB. This work has been financed by the EU BrightnESS project. [more]

Neutrons reveal hidden secrets of the hepatitis C virus

p7 is a protein essential for the release of the hepatitis C virus. The structure of a functional p7 protein within its native environment was observed for the first time at ILL.  The specific protein insertion mechanism observed will help to outline potential target mechanisms for future drug development. [more]

Industrial research for additive manufacturing

From process qualification to component certification: additive manufacturing presents big challenges as a new area of materials processing, with multiple new parameters. There is therefore a need for new characterisation techniques for process and component standards and certification, as well as for experimental benchmarks for modelling operations. [more]