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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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The CD-ROM "Exploring matter with neutrons"

Main Author: A. Filhol, 2004
When consulted in 1998 about the teaching of neutron science, the main claim from teachers was "we need up-to-date educational material!" One of the consequences was an ambitious CD-ROM project intended to cover almost all aspects of neutron science and techniques.
The outcome of this initial project is the CD-ROM "Exploring matter with neutrons" v2, an interactive neutron encyclopedia.
The targeted audience is mainly students, teachers, or scientists but not experts in specific domains of neutron science, although it will prove useful in neutron summer schools and to widen the general knowledge of specialists in a different neutron area.


Virtual visit of ILL

Main Author: A. Filhol, 2007 and 2009
You are welcome to experience an interactive virtual visit of the instrument hall of the reactor and of the two guide halls. You may also enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape surrounding the ILL. The ILL is usually a very busy place but, for technical reasons, as few people as possible were present during the shooting.
Once the visit is launched you can click in the map to select a starting point. Then you can rotate the image, move to another view point, switch from each small cylindrical panorama to full screen spherical view, etc.

Movies of instruments and experiments

Main Author: A. Filhol, 2007
This is a series of short movies recorded at the ILL. They either demo how some neutron instruments behave or show some specific neutron experiments. Most of them have already been shown in talks and conferences.

ILL scale model

Project leader: A. Filhol, Y. Raoul, Briq.com (F. Gorgé, O. Vinot, B. Ségalen)

1998 - Computarization of the scale model of the ILL built by T. Heidemann and D. Laboisse in 1997.

The team: François Descure (Director interface), Guy Diard (driver), Olivier Habert (1997), Johann Coraux (1998), David Masden (2000), Lucy Helme (2001), Nicolas Gibaud (2002).

2010 - Updated of the model so as to show the ILL instrument set in 2013. It also received a new electronics, a new computer and a fully redesigned software (about 500 pages with many pictures, animations and movies).

The team: Theo Schmitz (model maker), Tobias Weiss (electronics), Y. Raoul (ILL), Briq.com [Francis Gorgé, Brieux Ségalen, Olivier Vinot].

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