The ILL runs a colloquium series at which prestigious speakers are asked to give exciting and accessible talks of general interest to scientists having a wide range of backgrounds. In the past, ILL colloquia have included the Astronomer Royal, the editor of Nature, Hélène Langevin-Joliot (Marie Curie's granddaughter), and Sir Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize 2001).

Colloquia usually occur in the Chadwick Amphitheatre; they last about an hour and include ample time for discussion both within the amphitheatre and afterwards over coffee.

All staff and visitors to the EPN site are warmly welcomed.
If you are located outside the EPN site and wish to attend a colloquium, please contact Patrizia Cuccari ( at least 3 days  before the event.

If you have suggestions for future speakers, please contact Henry Fischer (

The titles and abstracts of forthcoming colloquia as well as those of previous colloquia are in the corresponding pages.