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Collaborating with us

The ILL can support industrial R&D in its quest for technological development.
We intervene in challenging problem-solving situations and exploratory projects.

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Collaborating with us

Industrial R&D at the ILL

The ILL's Industry group provides a single and specialised point of contact. Industrial clients may choose specific modes of access, depending on the level of confidentiality they require:

Proprietary research

This is an option providing rapid access to the instruments on a commercial basis. This solution is ideal for tight timeline projets. The ILL and its staff observe the strictest confidentiality as regards all information received from or communicated to our industrial clients. The intellectual property rights for the commercial exploitation of the results remain with the client and there is no obligation to publish. ILL’s round-the-clock technical support is guaranteed. Basic rates can be obtained on request.

Cooperative solutions for industry

This is a combination of proprietary and academic access - an option ensuring that the finest academic research matches the requirements of industrial innovation. The resources invested by the partners vary with the characteristics of the project, as do the level of access to the facilities and the distribution of IPR income.

Academic research services

This is ILL’s principal activity. Our industrial clients may also access beamtime through the six-monthly peer-review selection rounds (Follow this link for the deadlines and this one for applying). This implies an obligation to report to the ILL and to publish the results in a scientific journal.

The ILL's Industry group can advise on the most suitable service for your needs. Contact us at industry(at)ill.eu

Free measurements for feasibility studies via SINE2020

SINE2020 (world-class Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe in 2020) is a consortium of 18 partner institutions from 12 countries.
It is funded by the European Union through the H2020 programme.

To strengthen cooperation between neutron facilities and European industry, SINE2020’s Industry Consultancy initiative offers free feasibility studies to companies.

Our services are eliglible for the "Crédit Impôt Recherche"

The ILL obtained government approval for the Research Tax Credit ("Crédit d'Impôt Recherche"). 
This Research Tax Credit opens doors to a significant reduction in all research expenditure for R&D services located in France.
For details on the types of research activity entitled to benefit, please consult the French government documentation.

The ESRF, our sister institute on the site, provides similar research services for industry with high-intensity x-ray beams. X-rays can provide complementary information to neutron-based experiments.