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All Software

The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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All Software

Software developed in the CS group

The CS Group has developed programs to treat and model many instruments. Principal packages are shown first.

General utilities

IDA - ILL internet Data Access
LAMP - Data visualisation, reduction and analysis for many instruments at ILL and elsewhere
McStas - Instrument simulation package

Ubuntu ILL-CS LiveDVD - a ready to use DVD, with preinstalled applications


Matlab ILL - Some Matlab programs MFit/MView (for TAS and others)
vTAS suite - Simulation of TAS spectrometers (vTAS: classical and FlatCone, vIMPS: IMPS-IN8, vUFO: IN12-UFO)
vTASSE - Simulation of a TAS spectrometer with a Spin Echo option
PkFit/Filing - Software for analysing TAS neutron data

Time of flight

TOFHR - The legacy TOF suite (inx, plotof, tkplt, ingrid). This functionality exists in LAMP and should be used.

Small angle scattering

SANS Data Treatment (SANSsuite by Ron GHOSH)

Polarised Neuton Diffraction

iFitIt - Treating polarised neutron data


The ILL applications web portal

Software developped by colleagues

VME driver for Mac OS X - developed for in-house use because no such driver is provided by VME card manufacturers.

Other projects currently maintained

ABFfit - Maximum likelihood fit of powder diffraction patterns
Clickfit - Interactive data fitting
Deform - Principal deformation vectors (e.g. thermal expansion, compressibility, ...) from cell parameters
Diffraction, jDiffraction - Teaching the diffraction process (crystal and powder diffraction)
idl2matlab - an IDL to Matlab/Scilab code converter
Light - Advanced instrument control (IN6-TOF)
Looktxt - import any text data into Matlab, IDL, Octave, ...
MacXenon - Xenon/Samarium poisoning of the High Flux Reactor of the ILL
OrientExpress - Easy indexing of Laue diffraction patterns
PGPLOT - An ILL special version of the PGPLOT library
PROFIT - free-fall fitting routine (bayesian for TOF/backscattering)
PROP - Program Opener "A bridge from Unix/Linux to Windows"
Rafin suite - Single Xtal diffraction: UB matrix and zero shift refinement
RLIB - A common library for data analysis at the ILL

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