Guidelines for contributions

Each contribution should consist of 2 printed pages including figures, graphs and photos. Please follow these guidelines:

Your text should be authoritative and precise but understandable by non experts and outside the neutron scattering community.
The targeted audience should be scientists with a high level degree in science.
The figures should not be too technical and it is better to avoid too many graphs.
Keep your text simple and clear; write in the active (and not the passive) form; and avoid formulae if possible.
Remember: this is not a publication for a scientific journal.

Text of the article

The introduction should state (for a non-expert) in which context you did this research and why your results are a 'highlight'.

  • the articles should be not longer than 800 words, including an introduction of about 50-80 words
  • the introduction shoudl state (for a non expert) in which context you did this research and why your results are important
  • avoid abbreviations; it is a short contribution and not a publication
  • provide not more than 4 references (avoiding self citations); please use the following style for references: [1] D. Meneghetti and S. S. Sidhu, Phys. Rev. 105 (1957) 130
  • use fixed spaces between numbers and their dimensions, e.g. 3 m; T = 32 K; S = 24 x 36 cm2
  • please use the UK spell checker (not US)
  • use 4 x 10-4 rather than 4 . 10-4

Figures and photos 

In order to make the figures more homogenous in terms of the text sizes and styles, their text when dimensioned to fit the page layout should be in 9pt sans serif typeface, preferably Univers, Arial or Helvetica. Do not use bold or italic typefaces.  
Where possible provide illustrations in a format that can readily be opened and reworked by current graphics programmes such as Adobe Illustrator (.eps or .pdf)

  • 2 figures (or diagrams) with captions (a figure corresponds to about 150 words; if you would like to include more figures, reduce the number of words accordingly)
  • one or two colour pictures to illustrate the subject (if you don’t have the image we will provide it from a commercial database)
  • figures and pictures should be high quality

The deadline is 1 October

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information :

Giovanna Cicognani, cico(at), phone +33 476 20 71 79

Virginie Guerard, guerardv(at), phone +33 476 20 71 01