vTAS History


2018 - Migration to the new ILL web site (Y. Raoul and A. Filhol)
The moving angle is graphically emphasized. Migration and update of the vTAS page (https://www.ill.eu/vtas). The application is signed, packaged and (macOS) the JNLP file is signed.
2016 - VTAS a step further (Y. Raoul, E. Farhi, Z. Hüsges, W. Schmidt and A. Filhol)
Improved 4D resolution support using both Cooper & Nathans and Monte Carlo simulation (McStas)
Codesigning and packaging, JNLP signing with the ILL certificate.
MultiFLEXX support (with Zita Hüsges)
vUFO update (with Wolfgang Schmidt)
2013 - 4D resolution function support by Y. Raoul and E. Farhi
VirtualTAS (1998) implemented a limited support for 4D resolution calculation and display. This is the first attempt to synchronize vTAS with McStas, a ray-tracing application which delivers Monte-Carlo simulations of the 4D resolution ellipsoïds. There were some doubt about the results and a problem with axes definitions was suspected.
2011 - vTAS to NoMAD coupling (Y. Raoul, J. Locatelli and Y. Legoc)
vTAS is successfully coupled to the NoMAD software driving the instrument IN3. vTAS becomes a live display of the instrument movements
2009 - Yannick Raoul (ILL) - The basic interface is kept but the core of the application is rewritten from scratch.
- Akin Yucelir (Polytech'Grenoble, France) : Some errors have been fixed but this training period did not lead to a functional application.
Mac OS X 10.5, Eclipse Ganymede 3.4, J2SE 6 (Java 1.6)
2007 - Peter Braden (University of St. Andrews, UK) : As the codebase had become very messy, completely reimplemented the program to modern software engineering principles, expanded on the visualisations offered, and improved the usability of the interface. Development using: Mac OS X, Eclipse 3.3.0, J2SE 5.0 (JAVA 1.5).
2006 - Noëlle Le Delliou (UFR IMA, Grenoble, France) resurrected the old VirtualTAS code, updated the interface using Swing, and added the ability to simulate walls around the instrument area. Development using: Mac OS X, Netbeans 4.1, JAVA
1998 - VirtualTAS was developed by Alain Bouvet in 1998-1999 using an early Mac OS implementation of JAVA/AWT. Unfortunately the application was hardly usable due its buggy AWT interface.

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