vTAS - Sample parameters

vTAS manages a sample database stored in an hidden file "samples_repository.xml". Do not edit this file manually, use the dialogue "Samples" instead.

Menu "Settings/Samples..."

Dialogue "Samples..."

Buttons + - : to add or delete an entry in the data base
3rd button: to edit the parameters of the selected sample.

A typical sample parameter file

Here the file samples_repository.xml contains the description of only one sample
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<samples version="1.0">
<sample name="Silicon" type="CUBIC">
<dimensions a="5.4307" b="5.4307" c="5.4307"></dimensions>
<angles alpha="90.0" beta="90.0" gamma="90.0"></angles>
    Silicon, like carbon and other group IV elements form face-centered
    diamond cubic crystal structure. Silicon, in particular, forms a
    face-centered cubic structure with a lattice spacing of 5.430710 &#197;
    (0.5430710 nm).

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