vTAS - Instrument parameters

vTAS manages an instrument database stored in an hidden file "instruments_repository.xml". Do not edit this file manually, use dialogues "Instruments" and "Instruments walls" instead.

Menu "Settings / Instrument..."

Dialog Instruments
buttons + - : to add or delete an entry in the data base
3rd button to edit the parameters of the selected sample.

A typical instrument file

Here the file "instruments_repository.xml" contains the description of only one instrument.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<instruments version="1.0">

<instrument name="ILL IN8" srr="2.6" arr="0.8" drr="0.3" sm="-1" sa="1" ss="-1">
<a2 ll="-40.0" ul="110.0"></a2>
<a4 ll="-119.99999999999999" ul="119.99999999999999"></a4>
<a6 ll="-119.99999999999999" ul="119.99999999999999"></a6>
<monochromator D="3.355"></monochromator>
<analyser D="3.355"></analyser>
<walls num-walls="11">
<wall y="1.8" x="-0.7"></wall>
<wall y="3.2" x="-0.7"></wall>
<wall y="4.0" x="0.0"></wall>
<wall y="5.0" x="1.2"></wall>
<wall y="5.3" x="2.8"></wall>
<wall y="2.4" x="4.6"></wall>
<wall y="0.0" x="5.0"></wall>
<wall y="0.2" x="6.6"></wall>
<wall y="-1.4" x="6.6"></wall>
<wall y="-1.0" x="1.0"></wall>
<wall y="0.0" x="0.0"></wall>
<description><![CDATA[<a href="http://www.ill.eu/instruments-support/instruments-groups/instruments/in8/" title="IN8"><h1>ILL IN8</h1></a>
<p>Here a short description of the instrument and its parameter set.


Meaning of the xml tags:
instrument name
a string
monochromator to sample distance (in m)
sample to analyser distance (in m)
analyser to detector distance (in m)
monochromator scattering sense (1=left handed or -1=right handed)
analyser scattering sense (1=left handed or -1=right handed)
a2: ll & ul
lower and upper limits of instrument angle A2
a4: ll & ul lower and upper limits of instrument angle A4
a6: ll & ul lower and upper limits of instrument angle A6
monochomator D
monochomator interplanar distance (in Å)
analyser D
analyser interplanar distance (in Å)
walls num-walls
corner number of the set of walls surrounding the instrument area
wall y & x
corner coordinates  (in m)
URL of the home page of vTAS
Instrument files can be shared between vTAS users, thus it is a good practice to place here a short comment about the instrument and its parameter set.

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