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Instruments & Support : Instruments & groups > IN6 > Description

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Instrument layout

IN6 - Cold neutron time-focussing time-of-flight spectrometer

IN6 is a time-focussing time-of-flight spectrometer designed for quasielastic and inelastic scattering for incident wavelengths in the range of 4 to 6 Å.




Study of dynamics and relaxation properties in condensed matter exploiting both nuclear and magnetic scattering.

  • Vibrational density of states of crystalline and amorphous solids
  • Dynamics of soft condensed matter such as polymers, proteins, biological membranes and gels
  • Local and long range diffusion of liquids, solutions and confined systems
  • Properties of quantum liquids, Fermi and non-Fermi systems
  • Phase transitions and quantum critical phenomena in polycrystals and single crystals
  • Spin dynamics in high-Tc superconductors
  • Properties of crystal field splittings

Instrument layout