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Sample radiological control

The ILL is dedicated to helping its visiting researchers to make the most of its facilities. Neutron beams and instrument access are provided free of charge for proposers of accepted experiments.

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The ILL User Club provides online access to all the information and administrative tools for our scientific visitors, presented in a user friendly environment.

Sample radiological control

We remind you that it is of the utmost importance that all samples are measured for radioactivity by the Health Physics department after the experiment.
We have installed a new sample control procedure, and consequently the ILL's invitation form has changed.

From now on, you are asked to specify the name of the person who is responsible for the samples (one person per experiment).

The nominated person must be sure to have the samples properly checked by Health Physics before his departure.

He will be considered responsible if this is not carried out.

If he is not able to come to the ILL at the last minute, he must contact SCO and communicate the name of the new responsible for the samples.
Many thanks in advance for your collaboration.