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Criteria for accepting LTVs

The ILL is dedicated to helping its visiting researchers to make the most of its facilities. Neutron beams and instrument access are provided free of charge for proposers of accepted experiments.

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Long-Term Visitors

User Club

The ILL User Club provides online access to all the information and administrative tools for our scientific visitors, presented in a user friendly environment.

Criteria for Accepting LTVs

Long-Term Visitors represent a significant fraction of the scientific and technical personnel who work at ILL, but are not employed by the ILL. They are however, consumers of vital and limited resources (office space, computing facilities, technical resources) provided by the institute. The ILL therefore wishes to ensure that host facilities are only granted to candidates who fulfil the main objective of their stay – to contribute significantly to the scientific and technical life of the institute.
The criteria for granting LTV status can be met in a number of ways:

• via a contractual agreement between ILL and the visitor’s employer, as in the case of CRGs and EFIs,

• via an agreement between ILL and a Partner Institution (the employer) to exchange and/or combine experience and know-how in the development of new technologies, facilities or projects or for a specific research activity,

• through an invitation from a senior ILL staff member (Director, Head of Service or Instrument Group Leader) to further scientific research or technical development,

• as part of an agreement between ILL and a Partner Institution for the training of PhD students or young scientists,

• as part of a scientific or educational programme funded by the European Union,

LTV status will only be granted for continuous periods of stay of more than 3 months. It will not be granted for repeated visits of less than 3 months interrupted by periods of absence, even when the total duration of the visits exceeds 3 months. For interrupted visits of this kind, temporary access can be granted for each visit. LTV status is granted for a maximum of 12 months, which may be renewed for further 12-month periods.