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The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Science at ILL


The ILL/ESRF Theory Group
The ILL/ESRF Theory Group

The objectives of the ILL theory group are both to provide theoretical support to ILL scientists and users and to develop its own projects on neutron related subjects. In this respect we favor long term scientific collaborations rather than a service activity and try to cover a wide range of scientific domains. Our scientific activity thus extends over subjects going from strong correlation in condensed matter to the simulation of cell membrane in biophysics. We also use a variety of techniques, from analytical methods to Monte-Carlo simulation or ab-initio electronic structure calculations. As our aim is to be an effective support to the ILL instrument scientists and ILL users, most of our work is in direct relation with experimental projects. To be efficient in providing theoretical support however requires that we also spend some time developing new methods.

Less visible, but also important, is our availability for informal discussion with experimentalists.



The main subjects we are presently working on are

  • spintronics
  • unconventional magnetism
  • multiferroics systems
  • neutrons & helium
  • diffusion in heterogeneous media
  • polymers and membranes
  • biophysical problems

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