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The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Science at ILL


The ILL scientific life is organised in ten 'colleges', each of them dealing with a particular field of research and associated neutron methods and instrumentation.

ILL scientists are members of one or more colleges, depending on their personal research interest. Each college is animated by a 'college secretary' elected amongst college members.

College secretaries play a very important role in the scientific life of the ILL. They organise seminars, they take part in the organisation of the proposal evaluation meetings (subcommittee meetings) they are part of the Annual Report production team, and they give input to the ILL Directors and Scientific Coordinator in their lead of the scientific life of the Institute.

Below, you will find the list of the ILL colleges with the link to their web pages and members of the subcommitte pane

CollegeMain subject areasCollege Secretary
from 1/7/17 to 30/6/18
Subcommittee members
College 1Applied Materials Science, Instrumentation and TechniquesEmmanuel FarhiCollege 1 members
College 2TheoryBruno Tomasello
College 3Nuclear and Particle PhysicsTobias Jenke
College 3 members
College 4Magnetic excitationsJacques Ollivier
College 4 members
College 5aCrystallographyOscar Ramon Fabelo Rosa
College 5a members
College 5bMagnetic structuresNavid QureshiCollege 5b members
College 6Structure and dynamics of liquids and glassesGabriel CuelloCollege 6 members
College 7Spectroscopy in solid state physics & chemistryAndrea PiovanoCollege 7 members
College 8Structure and dynamics of biological systemsAnne Martel
College 8 members
College 9Structure and dynamics of soft-condensed matterIngo Hoffmann
College 9 members


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