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Science at ILL

The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Science at ILL

Science at ILL


Neutron beams are a type of non-destructive radiation, with properties that make them an extremely versatile and unique analytical probe.

Because of their unique properties, neutrons are a powerful tool for investigating Nature at all levels, from testing theories about the evolution of the Universe to elucidating the complex processes of life.

Over the years, with the invention of ingenious techniques and more precise instruments, experiments using neutrons have been able to explore an ever-increasingly broad range of scientific problems.

Ground-breaking experiments at the very frontier of current research are carried out using the ILL facilities in fields as far apart as molecular biology, chemistry, fundamental physics, materials science and environmental studies.

Today, if neutrons can complement other sources of radiation, they also excel in a number of domains and are ensured a unique place at the forefront of modern scientific research.

The selection of scientific highlights reported in the different thematic sections in science areas - extracted from the ILL annual reports - gives a flavour of what can be achieved with neutrons in the study of condensed matter.

Many examples of neutron experiments are also to be found in Grand societal challenges.


If you have specific questions as regards the use of neutrons in your area of research, do not hesitate to contact us at communication(at)