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Season 3 (2017)

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Season 3 (2017)

Neutron Fields Forever - Season 3 (2017)

Chadwick Amphitheater, ILL4 (ground floor)


The NFF seminar series is the successor to the "All you need is neutrons" series from 2015-16. It was held from Januar until June 2017. All PhD students prepared lectures on aspects of research with neutrons with help from ILL staff.

The lectures lasted about 30min each with 15min of questions and comments afterwards. The aim of the event was to create an occasion for informal scientific discussion similar to that found in group/department meetings in academic environments.

Information regarding the topics and the speakers can be found in the table below. For more information please contact phd_rep(at)

You can click on the topic of each talk to download the slides of the presentation. (The list is under CONSTRUCTION.)




student contributors


How to write a good proposal for beamtime at the ILL

(talk by Giovanna Cicognani)



Free neutrons, fission and spallation

Barbara Berke

Adrian Gonzalez-Rodriguez


The Fission Reactor and the Spallation Source

Umbertoluca Ranieri

Musfiqur Rahman


Loic Joly

Amelie Castel


Quentin Faure

Sebastian Koehler

Lindsay McGregor
Marco Adamo
Elodie Marret
Tetiana Mukhina
Dominika Zakutna
Sarah Waldie
Interaction with the sample (3) -- the scattering function and it's properties, linear
response (1)
Christian Beck
Interaction with the sample (3) -- the scattering function and it's properties, linear
response (2)
Tatiana Renzi
Small-angle Neutron Scattering and Reflectivity (1)
Aljosa Hafner
Small-angle Neutron Scattering and Reflectivity (2)
Olivia Pabois
Diffraction Overview
Javier Lopez-Garcia
From Q-space to R-space: Introduction to PDF-analysis (handout)
(material from Henry Fischer)
Simon Riberolles
Alicia Ruiz-Caridad
Thomas Lorne
Rafal Wawrzynczak
Kevin Pounot
Tetiana Lemishko
Dominik Zeller
Joseph Peet
Wrap-up session



Organized by the ILL PhD student representatives: 

Jennifer Channel and Stefan Doegé (phd_rep(at)