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Open PhD positions

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Open PhD positions

Open PhD positions


Open PhD programme positions (2017 call)

The following PhD projects were selected in February 2017 for full or partial financial support by the ILL, and are looking for a suitable candidate.

Please contact the main supervisor if you are interested in the project.


BMP     Biology Medecine Pharmacy
MAG    Magnetism  
MAT    Materials  
SCM    Soft matter  
IME     Instruments, methods and engineering


#TitleUniversitySupervisor(s)ILL Supervisor(s)Comments                             
171_01MAGInvestigation of the Magnetic Structure and Electronic Properties of Mn oxypnictides

Aberdeen University

Abbie MclaughlinC. RitterCandidate appointed
171_03MAGNovel ground states and excitations in quantum spin liquidsUCL UKAndrew WillsB. Fak
171_04MATNature, abundance and dynamics of hydrogenous species in metal supported catalysts under hydrogenation reaction conditionsUniversity of TurinElena GroppoA. PiovanoCandidate appointed
171_05MATStructural and dynamic properties of borate glasses and liquids in connections with elastic phase transitionUPMC ParisGuillaume FerlatM. GonzalezCandidate appointed
171_12BIOProtein‐carbohydrate interactions by neutronsUGA GrenobleAnne ImbertyJ. DevosCandidate appointed
171_13MATInvestigations of the impact of mineral impurities on gas trapping selectivity within clathrate hydratesUniversity of Bordeaux/BesançonArnaud Desmet, Ludovic Martin-GondreJ. OllivierCandidate appointed
171_20BMPStable lipids bilayers past the boiling point of waterUniversity of LyonPhilippe OgerB. Demé Candidate appointed
171_21BMPProtein and water dynamics at the atomic levelUniversity of CopenhagenSine LarsenE. MossouCandidate appointed
171_23MAGElucidation of ligand fields, metal-metal interactions and phonon spectra for a new family of highly symmetric lanthanide single molecule magnets by use of INSUniversity CopenhagenJesper BendixH. Mutka
171_24MAGHalfmetalic heterostructures by PNR and STEM/EELS: magnetic and elemental structure on atomic levelUniversity of YorkVladov LazarovT. SaerbeckCandidate appointed
171_26MAGSynthesis, Physico-Chemical and Magnetic Properties of Advanced Magnetic Ionic liquidsUni CantabriaManuel del Pedro del VallleO. FabeloCandidate appointed
171_30MAGStatic and dynamic properties in exchange frustrated magnets with competing ground statesUniversity of heidelbergRuediger KlingelerM. Enderle
171_31MATStructure and dynamics of water in ordinary Portland and low CO2 cementsUGA GrenobleAlejandro Fernandez-MartinezG. CuelloCandidate appointed
171_34MAGOrdered spinels Co5-xZnxTeO8University CaenNicolas BarrierE. SuardCandidate appointed
171_42IMEAdvanced scintillator readout for fast-timing
experiments and application to the N = 82 region at FIPPS
University of MadridLuis Mario FraileP. MuttiCandidate appointed
171_44MATStructure and dynamics of conjugated polymers for energy and optoelectronic applicationsImperial College LondonJenny Nelson,  Anne GuilbertM. Zbiri
171_45SCMUnderstanding Viscosity Changes in Oppositely Charged Biopolyelectrolyte-Surfactant ComplexesMax Planck InstituteEmanuel Schneck    HoffmannCandidate appointed



Other PhD programme positions (2016 call)


#TitleUniversitySupervisor(s)ILL Supervisor(s)
161_24MAGNovel Quantum MagnetsEPFL LausanneHenrik RonnowM. Enderlecandidate appointed
161_07NPPMagnetic transitions between gravitational quantum states of ultracold neutrons in the GRANIT spectrometerUniversité Grenoble AlpesBenoit Clement, Guillaume PignolV. Nesvizhevsky


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