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Seminar details

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Season 1 (2015)

Details for seminar

All you need is neutrons - seminars for thesis students - updated and revised

As Helmut announced it on the PhD day, there will be a series of seminars covering the various aspects of neutron production, instrumentation and neutron scattering for ILL thesis students.

These seminars will take place weekly starting in January 2015. The sessions are scheduled on Tuesday afternoon 16h to 18h, the location will be Chadwick Amphi or Science building seminar

room (SB036). See attached table for details.


The organization of the seminar is as follows:

The first session on Jan 20th will be an introductory lecture by Helmut and then thesis students will take over the presentations from Feb 3rd on. We have identified a number of themes (see attached).

Each theme will be treated in a 2 hours by thesis students (1 or 2, max 3) by theme. The students are expected to make their choice in the attached list, work out the lectures together in the case of a grouped presentation that is then split conveniently to fill the session. They consult the sources of information (advisors) listed by theme and of course also literature concerning the chosen subject (the relevant literature to be provided by the advisors) . Thesis supervisors are also expected to advice and help their student in setting up the presentation and contacting the persons who can provide information. Some of the themes on the scientific methods can also include a part of recent applications (reviewing published works), suggestions on those can be obtained from the info sources.


The attendance and participation are obligatory for all ILL thesis students. We also expect that the thesis supervisors and the advisors will come along especially when their student is presenting, and when a particular theme is treated.


To be more precise at least one of the advisors on the topic should be present at these talks to help with extremely difficult questions and to give additional insight when needed. PhD students should feel free to share their expertise in a seminar even if they are not the main one presenting. They can do this with a really short presentation of their work or techniques. This is of course entirely optional but it will allow making the most of a seminar.


We suggest that students would not limit their choice of theme on the basis of their thesis project, but try to engage in interesting themes without à priori concern. Please keep in mind that these seminars are aiming to be an opportunity for getting acquainted with the neutron techniques in large by promoting discussion and interrogations during the sessions. A tentative timing for a 2 h session can be for example two 40 min talks with 10 to 15 min discussion time (discussion and questions a can be integrated in the presentation), a 10 to 15 min break with refreshments.