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Useful tools

While the ILL's neutron source has remained essentially unchanged during the lifetime of the Institute, the ILL's instruments and their components have been continually developed and improved to increase their effectiveness.

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Useful tools

ILL/Computing for Science software pre-installed on a LiveDVD

The Computing for Science and the NMI3-II Data Analysis WP6 provide a custom LiveDVD which gathers neutron scattering software to be used for data analysis and simulation. It runs on all Intel/AMD-based computers, and contains for instance

LAMP, DAVE, Mantid, Frida, Isaw, nMoldyn, McStas, Vitess, SimRes, MFit/MView, vTAS, ResTrax, GRASP, SANSView, SASFit, GSAS, GenX, FullProf, PDFgui, F.O.X., OpenMX

and hundreds of other tools. All software is pre-installed.

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