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D4 - Molten alloys

A series of short movies showing how neutron experiments are prepared or performed. Some of these movies have an historical interest since they captured important moments in the life of the ILL.

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Films and animations


Neutron diffraction study of molten alloys
(using gas levitation and laser heating)

D4 is a two-axis diffractometer using short-wavelength neutrons from the hot source of the ILL. It is well suited for characterisation of local atomic order of non-crystalline materials (glasses, liquids, amorphous solids and solutions) with exceptional accuracy.
The video below was shot during the experiment 6-03-309 (April 2004). This neutron diffraction study of the magnetic ordering in a liquid alloy required a special sample environmental setup. The sample was in the form of a small ball. This was levitated in a gas stream and was melted by laser beams (2 lasers here, 3 in more recent experiments).

ILL experiments 6-03-309 and 6-03-342 (magnetic liquid Co80Pd20):
  Fischer H.E., Hennet L., Cristiglio V., Zanghi D., Pozdnyakova I., May R.P., Price D.L. and Wood S., J. Phys. Condens. Matter 19, 415106-1-415106-5 (2007).

Related work:
  Hennet L., Pozdnyakova I., Bytchkov A., Cristiglio V., Palleau P., Fischer H.E., Cuello G.J., Johnson M., Melin P., Zanghi D., Brassamin S., Brun J.F., Price D.L., Saboungi M.L. (2006) "Levitation apparatus for neutron diffraction investigations on high temperature liquids", Rev. sci. instrum. 77, 053903-1-053903-7.

Movie by Alain Filhol.

©2004-2007 Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France.

Movie file (768x576 pixels, duration 49"): .mp4 (12 Mb), .webm (9 Mb)
Movie file (640x480 pixels, duration 49"): .mp4 (4.1 Mb), .webm (5.5 Mb)

English checked by: Ronen Ghosh, April 2007.
Updates: A.Filhol, 17 Sept 2008, 9 Sept 2009, 1 March 2012, 18 April 2012.

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