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D19 - New large PSD

A series of short movies showing how neutron experiments are prepared or performed. Some of these movies have an historical interest since they captured important moments in the life of the ILL.

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Films and animations


A new large position sensitive detector

D19 is a 4-circle neutron diffractometer for large structures (e.g. biological crystals or fibrous materials) and thus must be able to collect a large amount of data as fast as possible. Thus a large 2D position sensitive detector has been developed at the ILL that considerably enhance the instrument efficiency. This advanced neutron detector is based on the crossed-wire gas technology (3He (5 atm) + CF4 (1 atm)) and covers an unusually large angular domain (120° × 30°).

The video below was recorded on April 17-18, 2005. It shows the final stages of the assembly of the detector, just before the very first neutron tests.
Starring: Jean-François Clergeau & Jean-Claude Buffet.

Ref.: Guérard B. (2005) Scientific reviews: Microstrip gas chambers (MSGC) for future neutron instrumentation, Neutron News 16, 16-21.

Movie by Alain Filhol.

© 2005-2007, Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France.

Movie files (768x576 pixels, duration 1'31): .mp4 (13 Mb), .webm (16.6 Mb)
Movie files (640x480 pixels, duration 1'31): .mp4 (9.4 Mb), .webm (9.8 Mb)

English checked by: Ronen Ghosh, April 2007.
Updates: A.Filhol, 17 Sept 2008, 8 Sept 2009, 9 March 2012, 18 April 2012.

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