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Science animations

This section regroups some Java applets and animations demonstrating key aspects of neutron physics. These teaching tools are directly related to ILL instruments.

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Films and animations

Instrument animations
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Science animations

We present here a set of animations or simulations (Java applets, Flash (Adobe) or VirtualGRIP (IPTER) animations) demonstrating or explaining neutron scattering processes or behaviors related to ILL instruments. We expect to increment this page each time a new animation is released.

Java Applets : check that your computer have a recent enough Java virtual machine installed (v1.5 or higher) and that Java is enabled in your Browser.
Flash animations: check that a recent Flash Player is installed in your Browser. Once launched you can select various options.
VirtualGRIP animations: they will install the last version of the plugin (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). For tablets or smartphones see the free application Neutrons4Science which is available for iOS (iTunes) or Android (Android Market). Once launched you can rotate the view in any direction, zoom in and out and perform other interactive actions that depend on each animation.


(Java application or Java applet, 2.4Mb)
The basics of neutron diffraction

Magnetic inelastic scattering

(VirtualGrip animation)
The main spin dynamics in magnetic materials.

Dispersion curves

(HTML5/javascript animation, 0.5Mb)
For phonons and magnons, frequency and wavevector are connected by a dispersion relation. The animation show the case of an acoustic mode.

Quantum neutron states of the neutron

(Flash animation)
Neutron quantum states in a gravitational potential.


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