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Instrument animations

A set of pedagogical interactive animations demonstrating the behavior of some neutron spectrometers.

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Films and animations

Science animations
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Interactive 3D animations

We present here a set of interactive three-dimensional animations developed either in Flash (Adobe) or using the new technology SPOK (IPTER).

The Flash animations require that you have a recent Flash Player installed in your Browser. Once launched you can select various options.

The SPOK animations - "3D that can be seized" - require that you have installed the plugin VirtualGRIP (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, (iOS for iPad - contact us)). Once launched you can rotate the view in any direction, zoom in and out and perform other interactive actions that depend on each animation.

Small-Angle Neutron Scattering instrument - D11

(SANS instrument)

Three Axis neutron Spectrometer - ThALES

(TAS instrument)

Gravitational neutron spectrometer - GRANIT

(NPP-CRG instrument)

Time-of-Flight neutron spectrometer - IN5

(TOF instrument)

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