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First phase (2001 - 2008) 'M0'

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Modernisation programmes

New instruments completed during the first phase (2001-2008)

SALSA The new strain imager for residual stress determination, built in collaboration with Manchester UniversityVIVALDI The new Very Intense Vertical Axis Laue Diffractometer has pushed back frontiers in crystallography

LADI III, a neutron Laue diffractometer that uses neutron sensitive Imaging Plates (IP) as the detector.

FIGARO (Fluid Interfaces Grazing Angles ReflectOmeter) is a high flux, flexible resolution, time-of-flight reflectometer with a vertical scattering plane, to be commissioned in Spring 2009

MiniBall / Lohengrin
An array of germanium detectors has improved gamma-ray spectroscopy efficiency by a factor of three for single gamma-ray events, and by an order of magnitude for doubly coincident events

FlatCone, the multianalyzer unit for the ILL three-axis spectrometers.




Upgrades of instruments completed during the first phase (2001-2008)

D2B The high-resolution powder diffractometer has been equipped with a 2D detector and 128 Soller collimators, improving both signal and background.

D3C The new modular polarised neutron instrumentD7 The new array of polarising supermirrors  has improved  count-rate by a factor of 35

D11. This worldwide unique 80 m SANS instrument appears now reborn.D19 A new large solid-angle banana detectorD22 The fast small-angle detector for SANS operates at a data rate of up to 2 MHz
IN5 Both primary and secondary spectrometers have been totally rebuilt, to allow a new range of experiments, essentially in single crystal scattering. IN20 The  flat-cone geometry analyzer allows excitations in 3D to be measured with unprecedented speed.

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