Polarised cold neutron beam facility

Guide hall n1 (ILL7), cold neutron guide H113

Vertical liquid deuterium cold source
super-mirror (m=2) ballistic neutron guide H113, 76 m length

Un-polarized beam cross-section

6 cm by 20 cm

Height of the neutron beam above the floor level

PF1B: 140 cm

Mean neutron wavelength

4.0-4.5 A

Un-polarized equivalent flux at guide exit

2·1010 n/cm2/s

Polarized beam cross-section

3 cm by 4.5 cm or 6 cm by 8 cm

Polarized equivalent flux

3·109 n/cm2/s


Curved stack of glass plates with double sided super-mirror coating, polarization 98%
Crossed geometry of two super-mirror polarizers, polarization 99.7%


"Current-sheet" and adiabatic radio-frequency flippers; efficiency >99.5%


Instrument Description