Neutron and X-ray Tomography instrument

Imaging detector

Detector aimed to have maximum flexibility of the field of view and corresponding resolution. The light emitted by the scintillator is reflected vertically by a mirror inclined by 45º. The light is then captured by a sCMOS camera (2048x2048 pixels) mounting a variety of lenses, and which moves on a rail. This allows for modifying the field of view, which ranges from 170x170 mm2  at a resolution of about 100µm to a field of view of 20x20 mm2 and a resolution of about 30 µm. A second detector is currently under development, which allows for higher resolutions, down to 10 µm. Accordingly a set of scintillators is employed, ranging from a 200 µm thick ZnS/Li6F scintillator to a 2.5 µm thick 157Gd2O2S:Tb scintillator.