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Processing diffraction data post-experiment requires complex numerical calculations to be coded by scientists into computer programs, relying on existing knowledge.  For a long time, the software consisted of a series of independent pieces of code…

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On 1st July, Professor Helmut Schober and his team took over from CERN as Chair of EIROforum, a consortium of eight of Europe’s largest intergovernmental research organisations.

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The InnovaXN project (H2020-COFUND framework) supports 40 fully-funded PhD studentships at ESRF and ILL working on pre-competitive research projects, each involving an industrial partner. A first set of 20 projects was selected in 2019 and students…

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Interview with PaNOSC coordinator, Andy Götz, on PaNOSC contribution to the EOSC

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62 managers, IT experts, computational scientists and staff from European Photon and Neutron (PaN) sources to discuss the state of the project, its progress and plans for the upcoming years.