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16.11.2011: the "complementary safety assessment" performed by the ILL deemed to be satisfactory

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Fukushima: the "additional safety assessment" performed by the ILL deemed to be satisfactory

Following the nuclear accident at Fukushima, the French nuclear safety authority (the ASN) decided to launch additional safety assessments on all French nuclear bases (INBs).

The studies performed at the ILL analysed the behaviour of the ILL reactor under extreme conditions: the earthquake scenarios envisaged would have caused major damage to a town like Grenoble and would have led to the failure of all the dams on the river Drac, leaving the town under 10 metres of water.
On 15 September ILL submitted the results of its analyses to the IRSN and the ASN.(See a short summary here).

On 16th November the permanent group of experts for nuclear reactors has replied with its conclusions: the ILL's proposals have been accepted as satisfactory.

We will now start putting the plans into operation. You will probably know that a major seismic reinforcement programme has already been carried out at the ILL, ending in 2007, to cater for the possibility of an earthquake. The 2011 studies have prompted us to add the possibility of the loss of the 4 dams upstream on the Drac; this implies reinforcement of elements traversing the reactor containment and the construction of a new emergency reactor control room for the crisis management teams from which all the emergency safety circuits can be commanded...

The work is scheduled to be carried out between 2012 and 2014.