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+ 33 (0) 4 76 20 71 11

71 avenue des Martyrs
CS 20156
38042 Grenoble cedex 9

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We're interested in your talent!

If there are no open-ended, fixed-term, apprenticeship, internship or PhD contracts available for your particular profile, send us an application anyway:





ILL's mission is to expand the boundaries of the world as we see it, and for this talent is needed - in every domain.

We have an impressive array of skills at the ILL, not only in science and technology, but in a host of support activities.


Given the international environment at ILL, we require staff to have some knowledge of at least two of ILL's official languages (French, German and English) and a level of cultural sensitivity, in order to be able to provide the efficiency of service our partners require.


Broadly speaking, we work in three professional areas:





      TECHNICAL SUPPORT         



Science in different forms is of course at the heart of all our activities: physics, chemistry, biology, neutron science & technology, materials science, scientific computing, magnetism, and instrumentation. 
ILL's scientists work with the world's best experts on the major challenges of modern science. Besides conducting their own programmes of research, our scientist are responsible for assisting visiting scientists in the use of ILL's experimental facilities. In addition they play a major role in the operation and development of the ILL's suite of instruments


Technical support

We employ specialists in mechanics, electronics, measurement electronics, instrumentation, neutron optics, cryogenics, security and safety, health physics and computing. They together provide the support we need for the Institute's scientific activities. Our engineers and technicians are constantly involved in optimising ILL's instrumentation, ensuring we maintain our standards of excellence in ground-breaking research.
Our reactor and safety experts work around the clock to guarantee the safe and reliable production of the ILL's high-intensity neutron flux. It is their responsibility to ensure that our neutron source maintains its consistently high levels of performance and complies with requirements for safety and security.


Administrative support

ILL has administrative staff specialised in finance, accounting, law, purchasing, public relations, human resources and PA support.