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ILL in 1973 - Movie

The ILL was founded on 19 January 1967. Its high-flux reactor started delivering neutrons for science in 1972 and since then is the major steady state neutron source in the world.

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What is the ILL?

The ILL in 1973

This TV documentary was recorded at the ILL by the German TV channel ZDF in 1973. It was part of the series "Die stillen Stars" (The silent stars) about Nobel Prize winners. It was produced by Frank Elstner, a famous television personality at the time.
Here, the silent star is Rudolph Mössbauer (Nobel 1971), who had recently been appointed Director of the ILL.

Files: .mp4 (760 Mb) and .webm (893 Mb)
Duration: 45'29"

Updates: A.Filhol 20/12/2012