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ILL Virtual Tour (2012)

Enjoy an interactive tour of the scientific installations of the ILL through more than 50 full spherical panoramas from different viewpoints. Note that this version allows you to visit the inside of the neutron-guide shieldings and the recent extension of the guide hall ILL-7.

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ILL Virtual Tour (2012)

A screen shot of the header page.

Enjoy an interactive tour of the scientific installations of the ILL through more than 45 full spherical panoramas from different viewpoints.

Compared to the previous virtual tour:

  • 10 new spherical panoramas of neutron instruments shot in July 2012 (extension of neutrons guide hall ILL7)
  • a smartphone/tablet compatible version is underway.

You can view the Virtual Tour on your Tablet or SmartPhone (iOS or Android)

You can view the Virtual Tour on your Computer (with Flash player v10 or higher installed).

Click HERE to launch the virtual tour of the ILL.


©2010-2012, Institut Laue-Langevin. Project Leader: Alain Filhol

  • design and development by Briq
  • spherical panoramas by  Ecliptique
  • neutron guide experts: Ian Sutton, C. Mounier (ILL)

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