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Experiments and instruments

A series of short movies showing how neutron experiments are prepared or performed. Some of these movies have an historical interest since they captured important moments in the life of the ILL.

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Films and animations

Movies of some instruments and experiments at the ILL

You will find here a set of short MPEG-4 movies illustrating typical neutron experiments performed at the ILL or presenting some aspects of a specific instrument.

Part of these documents can also be found in the CD-ROM "Exploring matter with neutrons / Explorer la matière avec les neutrons".


(2015) Depolluting ALGAE: a set of 4 movies recorded at the ILL, ESRF-ID22 and CEA/LPCV


(2009) CYCLOPS : First tests of an advanced neutron Laue diffractometer
(1995) D1B : Why can't alkaline batteries be recharged ?
(2002) D1B : Neutrons and Geology, textures of subduction rocks
(1996) D3 : The first experiment at the ILL with an helium-3 spin filter for 100 meV energy neutrons
(2001) D3 : A 10 Tesla cryomagnet on a polarised neutron diffractometer
(2004) D4 : Neutron diffraction study of molten alloys using gas flow levitation and laser heating
(2001) D10 : A dilution cryostat with helium circulation on a neutron 4-circle diffractometer
(2001) D10 : Setting up a Low Temperature - High Pressure experiment
(2012) D16 : Acoustic levitation of samples
(2000) D17 : Preparing Langmuir-Blodgett layers or lipid multilayers for neutron reflectometry experiments
(2006) D19 : A new large position sensitive detector
(2000) D20 : Construction of a new large one-dimensional multidetector
(2000) D20 : Neutron diffraction on undercooled metallic melts using magnetic levitation
(2010) D20 : Neutron diffraction on supercooled melts of Zr-based metal alloys using electrostatic levitation
(2006) D22 : Impurity nano-particle gels in liquid helium
(2002) LADI : Protein crystals from space for neutron studies
(2005) SALSA : An advanced neutron strain analyser
(2007) SALSA : The benefits of having 6 legs
(2006) VIVALDI : A thermal-neutron Laue diffractometer for physics, chemistry and materials science

(2006) IN5 : Light-induced biological-function related dynamics in bacteriorhodopsin
(2004) IN16 : A liquid paradox
(2002) IN16 : The monochromator and its Doppler drive
(2002) IN20-TASSE : A spin echo option on a neutron three axis spectrometer
(2008) IN20-TASSE : Structure and Dynamics of Hydrogen Bound to Carbon Nanoscrolls
(2007) IN22 : Gas flow levitation and laser heating of sample

(2007) PN1 : From one experiment to the other in the RED magnet casemate

(2007) McStas : Simulating neutron instruments and experiments by means of a Monte Carlo ray tracing technique

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