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Modernisation programmes

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Modernisation programmes

The ILL modernisation programmes

Instruments efficiency gain factor and budget. February 2016.
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The ILL first opened its doors to visiting scientists in 1972, and ever since then, we have led the world in neutron-scattering science and technology. A key factor in this success has been the continuous renewal or development of our instruments to ensure that they are world-leading.

The Millennium Programme was launched in 2000 to establish a sustainable strategy for the continual improvement of ILL's infrastructure and instruments.

Together with the skill and diligence of ILL staff, we have been able to deliver six new instruments, and extensively upgrade a further eight in the first phase of our Millennium Programme. The replacement of the neutron guides alone has led to a doubling of neutron intensity for many instruments. It has contributed to improving the average detection rate of neutrons for all instruments by 25 times! (see graph --->)

The ILL is now completing the second and last phase of the Millennium Programme.

And our plans do not stop there ...We are now setting our sights on a more distant horizon, that of 2030, with the Endurance programme