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M. Maccarini

The Time-of-flight and High-Resolution (TOF-HR) group of the ILL operates three distinct kinds of instruments that measure the atomic, molecular and crystal motions of samples in powder, glass or liquid form.

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M. Maccarini

Marco Maccarini


Research Interests  

  • Structure and dynamics of colloidal solutions: micelles and polymer  coated gold nanoparticles in water
  • Myelin multilayers: dynamics, stability and instability studied with neutron scattering


[1] G. Briganti, G. D’Arrigo, L. Falconi, M. Maccarini, “Interfacial Properties of Nonionic Micellar Aggregates as a Function of Temperature and Concentration”, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2000, 164:1:19 – 25

[2] M. Maccarini, G. Briganti, “Density Measurements on C12Ej Nonionic Micellar Solutions as a Function of the Head Group Degree of Polymerization (j from 5 to 8)”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Volume 104, Issue 48 (2000), 11451-8.

[3] G. Briganti, G. D’Arrigo, M. Maccarini, “Volumetric determination of the hydration state in nonionic surfactant solutions” , Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Volume 108, Issue 13 (2004)  4039-45 

[4] G. Briganti, G. D’Arrigo, M. Maccarini, C. Pierleoni, F. Sterpone “Hydration and thermodynamic equilibrium of nonionic surfactant in solution” Colloids and Surface A (2005) 261, 93–99

[5] M. Maccarini, M. Himmelhaus, S. Stoycheva, M. Grunze “Characterisation and stability  of hydrophobic surfaces in water”, Applied Surface Science (2005) 252, 5, 1941-1946

[6] G. D’arrigo, G. Briganti, M. Maccarini “Shear and longitudinal visosity of non-ionic C12E8 acqueous sloutions” Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2006)  110(10), 4612-4620 

[7] M. Maccarini*, “Water at solid surfaces: a review of selected theoretical aspects and experiments on the subject”   Biointerphaces (2007), 2(3) pp. MR1-MR15   

[8] M. Maccarini*, M. Himmelhaus, J. Fick, S. Tatur, R. Steitz, M. Wolff, M. Grunze, J. Janecek, R. Netz "Water density depletion at hydrophobic surfaces: a neutron reflectivity study"   Langmuir (2007) 23(2), 598-608

[9] S. Rucareanu, M. Maccarini, G. L Sheperd, B. Lennox "Water and Organic-soluble Polymer-Capped Gold Nanoparticles with High-grafting Densities Prepared by Ligand-exchange Reactions" J. Mater. Chem. (2008) 18, 5830–5834

[10] F. Roosen-Runge, M. Hennig, T. Seydel, F. Zhang, M. W. A. Skoda, S. Zorn, R.M.J. Jacobs, M. Maccarini, P. Fouquet, F. Schreiber "Protein diffusion in crowded electrolyte solutions" Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2010) 1804(1), 68-75.

[11] J. Lal, P. Fouquet, M. Maccarini, L. Makowski “Neutron Spin Echo studies of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin:  Multiscale Internal Dynamics” J. Molecular Biology (2010) 397(3), 617-864

[12] M. Karlsson, P. Fouquet, I. Ahmed, M. Maccarini " Dopant Concentration and Short-Range Structure Dependence of Diffusional Proton Dynamics in Hydrated BaInxZr1-xO3-x/2 " J. Phys. Chem. C (2010) 114(7), 3292-96

[13] M. Maccarini*, S. Rucareanu, G. Briganti, X-D Lui, R. Sinibaldi, M. Sztucki, R. B. Lennox "Characterization of Poly(ethylene oxide) Coated  Gold Nanoparticle by Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Density Measurements" J. Phys. Chem. C. (2010) 114(15), 6937-43

[14]C. Stock, L. Van Eijck, P. Fouquet, M. Maccarini, P.M. Gehring, Guangyong Xu, H. Luo, X. Zhao, J.-F. Li, and D. Viehland" Interplay between static and dynamic polar correlations in relaxor Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3" Phys Rev B (2010) 81(14), 144127

*submitted as corresponding author


[15] P. Gutfreund, M. Wolff, M. Maccarini, S. Gerth, J. Anker, J. Browning, C. Halbert, H. Wacklin, H. Zabel, “Depletion at Solid-Liquid interfaces: Flowing Hexadecane on Functionalized Surfaces” submitted

[16] J. Lal, N. T. Ho, P. Fouquet, M. Maccarini, L. Makowki “Changes in dynamics of Carbonmonoxyhemoblobin on Multiple Length Scales on Binding of Effector: Inositol Hexaphosphate in Solution” to be submitted

[17] M. Maccarini*, G. Briganti, B. Farago, B. Lennox “Dynamics of Poly(ethylene) Glycol Covered Gold Nanoparticles in Solution Studied by Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy” to be sumbitted

[18] K. Lagrené, J.-M. Zanotti, M. Daoud, M. Maccarini, P. Fouquet, J. Ollivier, P. Judeinstein and K. Saalweachter "Anisotropic dynamics of a polymer under confinement: the case of PEO" to be submitted to Eurphys. Lett.

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