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The Computing for Science (CS) group supports ILL scientists, students and visitors in a number of activities including data analysis, instrument simulation and sample simulation.

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All Software

Burn this ISO and reboot. Everything works out of the box. No software installation.
Download the LiveDVD ISO July 2013 [3.8 Go], burn it and reboot. Does not affect your machine, only runs from the DVD.

A ready to use system with pre installed software

Current version NMI3/ILL July 2013 [ISO][Release notes]

The Computing for Science and the NMI3-II Data Analysis WP6 provide a custom LiveDVD which gathers some neutron scattering community related software to be used for data analysis and simulation. It runs on all 64bit Intel/AMD based computers and contains(updated packages in italic)

LAMP, DAVE, Mantid, Frida, Isaw, nMoldyn, iFit 

McStas, Vitess, SimRes

MFit/MView, vTAS, ResTrax


FullProf, PDFgui, F.O.X., OpenMX, GSAS/EXPGUI

as well as many other scientific software:

  • C, C++ and Fortran compilers, Java, Python, Perl, Tcl/Tk, MPICH,
  • Python libs: Matplotlib, numpy, scientific, tk, numeric
  • AbInit, Chemtool, Gelemental, Ghemical, Gperiodic,
  • Gromacs, mopac, MPQC, PyMol, Rasmol, Viewmol,
  • Avogadro, DrawXtl, CBFlib DX, Fityk, Gabedit, Garlic, Gcrystal,
  • Scilab, Octave, PerlDL, PGPLOT, netcdf, ncview, hdf4, hdf5, nexus, hdfview
  • GeomView, OpenBabel, ParaView,, Java3d, Mayavi, qtiplot
  • gimp, virtualbox, openoffice, freewrl, partimage, gparted

This DVD is bootable. It contains a LongTerm Support Ubuntu 12.04 system with pre-installed applications. You may just run it without touching the current computer disk. You may also install it (with all software) on a 30 Gb+ disk. The Ubuntu system runs on all machines, including Apple ones. The CPU needs to support 64bit architecture (will not run on some netbooks and older machines). Perfect for testing software, tutorials and schools, and machine deployment. Find Applications from either the Desktop directory, or type 'neutron' in the Dash Home. The source packages of many software are included in the DVD.
MacOSX: Press 'C' at boot to start from the DVD.

You may burn the DVD from:

where you will find Release notes, an ISO (3.2 Gb, md5) and DVD cover documents.


  1. burn the DVD iso,
  2. reboot your computer,
  3. press Return (start Live DVD). Login 'nmi3', no password
  4. use and/or install (requires at least a 30 Gb partition)

Contact farhi(at) if you wish your software to be integrated in the next releases, or for any other matter.


  1. March 2011: initial release based on Ubuntu 10.04 [ ISO ]
  2. May 2012: release based on Ubuntu 12.04 , adding Frida, Isaw, SANSview, GenX, PDFgui, Vitess. nMoldyn and FreewWRL are buggy.
  3. June 2012: fixed FreeWRL crash, and nMoldyn. Update your May 2012 release by installing the following U12.04 amd64 deb packages python-netcdf, python-scientific,libmozjs2d freewrl).[ISO]
  4. July 2013: updated packages, fixed some applications [ ISO ]