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The CRG instrument IN12 - a cold neutron 3-axis spectrometer - is a multi-purpose instrument for all kind of quasi-elastic signals or low-energy excitations. It will be moved from its current beam position and will be substantially upgraded to improve its neutron flux and energy range so as to open new experiment fields.

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UFO - Universal Focusing Option

As a further option, IN12 is being equipped with a 2-dimensional position sensitive detector and an array of fifteen analysers which can be rotated and positioned individually in order to map the scattered beam on a user-chosen path in Q-space.

Depending on the requirements, the user can for example define scans with a constant energy transfer or scans that map a path along a certain Q-direction (linear Q-scan).

We refer to this concept as IN12-UFO (Universal Focusing Option). With this set-up, IN12 will meet future challenges for a full multiplex operation.

UFO offers a lot of degrees of freedom and thus a simulation tool is required for a better understanding and management of the measurement strategy. Thus development of vUFO, a sister application of vTAS, is planned.