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Institut Laue-Langevin

About 40 students are carrying out their PhD-theses at ILL. Their subjects cover all types of research one can do with neutrons.

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Lectures 2006

Lectures 2006

Garry McIntyre organized a series of lectures on diffraction techniques and structure solution which were presented by ILL scientists.

The lectures can be downloaded by loging-in with your usual ILL identification. (Upper-left corner of your screen)

Lectures 2006

  • 18 April : Garry McIntyre   Diffraction from a lattice
  • 25 April : Jane Brown   Space Groups - Exercises - Solutions
  • 2 May : Garry McIntyre   Fourier Techniques in Diffraction
  • 4 May : Alan Hewat   Structural Data Bases   ICSD (Intranet only)
  • 18 May : Jane Brown, Garry McIntyre, Mark Johnson   Solving Crystal structures
  • 23 May : C. Ritter, M.T. Fernandez-Diaz   Magnetic Diffraction  
  • 30 May : Bachir Ouladdiaf   Group-theory analysis for magnetic structure
  • 6 June : Paul Henry   Powder Diffraction, Indexing Problem and Solution, Problem Set and Solutions
  • 13 June : Henry Fischer   Liquids and Glasses Diffraction, Instruments and Applications, Data Reduction and Analysis
  • 22 June : Garry McIntyre   Single-crystal diffraction 1 2 3
  • 27 June : Trevor Forsyth   Fibre diffraction
  • 11 July : Garry McIntyre Multilayers,   Jane Brown Incommensurate structures

Summer break

  • 21 September : Marie-Hélène Lemée-Cailleau, Alan Hewat   Phase Transitions
  • 14 November : Thilo Pirling - Strain Scanning, Alain Filhol Neutron Imaging, Thomas Hansen - Texture and Anisotropy
  • 21 November : Matthew Blakeley - Protein Crystallography
  • 28 November : Garry McIntyre Statistics in Diffraction