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SANE - Services for Advanced Neutron Environment

Highly qualified staff to carry out invaluable experiments...

We provide experienced technical support, and premium hardware.

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SE@NSF 2014

The 8th international workshop on Sample Environment at Neutron Scattering Facilities will be held in U.K. in October. You can register here.

ANR Magfins

The Magfins project financed by the Agence National de la Recherche aims at building a 40T pulsed field magnet. The first experiments are scheduled in 2014 on IN22…

Soft&Bio Matter JRA

Together with our colleagues from European facilities, we are developing novel equipment for soft and bio materials: humidity chamber, SANS and NSE pressure cells and more. This Joint Research Activity is supported by the European Commission through the NMI3 project.

Recycling Helium

ILL's commitment to the environment spans decades. We use 10 to 13 tons of 4He per year for cooling down the samples and the superconducting coils. Huge efforts are taken by our technicians and scientist to recycle this fossil gas. In 2013, only 2% of the He gas was lost. Learn more...

Perspectives for Neutron Science in Novel & Extreme Conditions

With Javier Campo (ICMA), we organised an advanced seminar with the aim to identify the scientific drivers requiring novel and extreme conditions, and determine how the neutron scattering techniques could contribute.

This workshop was held in Zaragoza (Spain) from the 27th to the 31st of May 2012. Learn more...




New Standards for Sample Environment

In order to exploit the performance of the new instruments, to open new fields of science and to secure the availability of the existing equipment, we have proposed to establish new standards and develop or acquire missing equipment:

• Provide novel equipment and a much better support to investigate bio materials, liquids, surfaces and glasses,
• Enhance high-pressure and low temperature capabilities,
Speed up the changes of the sample conditions to better exploit the instruments,
• Develop high-precision zero-field polarimetry to tackle the fundamentals of nature,
• Acquire high-field cryomagnets to exploit new world-class instruments.

The project has been welcomed by the Instrument Subcommittee and the Scientific Council. We now wait for a decision of the Associates.

Dilution Fridge Insensitive to Gravity

We have upgraded the 120 mK dilution refrigerator mounted in the cradle of D10 with a 3He distiller and a new control rack. This very special dilution fridge is now operated very reliably in closed loop to preserve the 3He gas.

Two 0.2GPa He Gas Controllers

2 racks are now available to control fully automatically our 4 and 10 GPa Paris-Edinburgh presses. Taking advantage of the high-precision 0.2GPa valve patented by the CNRS, these racks deliver unprecedented speed and precision.

Learn more...

Furnaces Controlled Automatically

7 fully automated power-crates have been designed and built for controlling our resistive furnaces. Switch on, evacuate and enter the setpoint - that's it !

Temperature Controller Settings

The PID parameters to be used with our cryostats, cryofurnaces and cryomagnets have been tuned for LakeShore controllers with Kepco power amplifiers. The calibration curves of the Cernox thermometers are available from the Equipment section. Learn more...



Cryocradle in Cryopad

A non-magnetic Eulerian cradle cooled down to 3.2K has successfully been commissioned on D3 in July 2013. You won't need to re-align your sample anymore when carrying out spherical polarimetry experiments!

Photo of the cradle attached to the cooler.

High field on IN5 in 2015 ?

Since the upgrade of the ToF spectrometer IN5 with reliable position sensitive detectors, the demand for single crystal experiments combined with magnetic fields has increased dramatically as it allows an unprecedented exploration of the field effects on the dynamics through the entire reciprocal space.

To allow our neutron scattering community to tackle fundamental questions, we have decided to acquire a high-field magnet providing 90° horizontal access and ±15° vertical access.

New 7T Cryomagnet on D17

A 7T vertical field asymmetric magnet  featuring a He recondensation unit has recently been commissioned. With single-crystalline sapphire windows at 90°, this cryomagnet fits perfectly with D17. More...

New 10T Cryomagnet for TAS & DIF

A new vertical field 10T asymmetric split-pair coil cryomagnet has appeared on the three-axis spectrometers and some of the diffractometers.

Its operation is simplified with the absence of liquid nitrogen and a recondensing system reducing the liquid helium boil-off. The maximum sample volume is Ø38 x 30 mm with ±5° vertical access.


17T Cryomagnet on SANS

The horizontal field 17T cryomagnet funded by EPSRC and owned by T. Forgan, A. Holmes and E. Blackburn is available on D11, D22 and D33. It provides a +/-11° scattering angle through sapphire windows and allows the sample in the vacuum to be cooled down to 1.6K. The sample can also be used at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. This magnet is available to users in collaboration with the owners listed above.



Out of hours support is provided in cryogenics during operating cycles. Local contacts, please call 66850 to reach our experts. Learn more...

In trouble with an Orange cryostat ? Have a look at our Trouble Shooting Guide...

Order Liquid Helium

Please, order your helium at least 48 hours in advance so that we can satisfy your needs.

Book Equipments

The use of our equipment is scheduled in  shared calendars. You can check your bookings and look for the availabilities before scheduling an experiment. Check calendars...

Safety and Magnets

Please be careful in the vicinity of cryomagnets! The mechanical limits must always be installed and checked before starting an experiment. Learn more...

Send Feedback

Do you have a pioneering idea that could change the way we provide support to our users, or perhaps an innovation that could allow our users to carry out innovative experiments?

Either way, we value your opinion and welcome ideas on how we can improve. Leave us your feedback. Be assured that we will carefully review all suggestions.

Helium Pumping Crates

New He pumping crates are introduced in the halls. Compatible with the Adixen A100L and Edwards IXL120 pumps, they are quieter and provide slightly improved performances.