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The ILL Theory Group

The primary research themes in the group are many-body theory, and the statistical physics of hard and soft condensed matter.

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Former Members



Research Interests

  • Phase transitions in soft condensed matter
  • Dynamical phenomena and critical dynamics
  • Optical properties
  • Liquid crystals and membranes
  • Polymers and films
  • DNA
  • Molecular Chemical Dynamics and Spectroscopy

Selected Papers

  • On the superconductivity of V3Si compounds,

    JETP, (1968)
  • Van der Waals interaction in anisotropic systems,

    JETP, (1972)
  • Antiferromagnetism of Cr,
    I.E.Dzyaloshinskii and E.I.Kats,

    JETP,  (1973)
  • The dynamics of a.c. Josephson effect in nematics,
    E.I.Kats, V.G.Volovik,

    J. de Phys. Lett. 40, 150 (1977)
  • Long-wavelength dynamic free standing smectic films,
    E.I.Kats, V.V.Lebedev,

    J. de Physique 46 (1985)
  • Light scattering from spin waves in superfluid He-3 A,
    V.L.Golo, E.I.Kats,

    Nuovo Cimento 78, (1986)
  • Polarization in free standing chiral and non-chiral smectic films,
    P.O.Andreeva, V.K.Dolganov,R.Fouret, C.Gors, and E.I.Kats,

    Phys. Rev. E. 59, 4143 (1999)
  • Disjoining pressure and thinning transitions in smectic A liquid crystal films, 
    F.Picano, P.Oswald, and E.I.Kats,

    Phys. Rev. E. 63, (2001)
  • Concerted motion of protons in hydrogen bonds of DNA-type molecules,
    V.L.Golo, E.I.Kats, M.Peyrard,
  • Semi-classical quantization of bound and quasistationary states beyond the adiabatic approximation, 
    V. Benderskii, E. V. Vetoshkin, and E.I.Kats,

    Phys. Rev. A 69, 062508 (2004)
  • A semi-classical 1d model of ultrafast photoisomerization reactions,
    V. A. Benderskii, E. V. Vetoshkin, E.I.Kats, and H. P. Trommsdorff,
    Chem. Phys. Lett. A 409, 240 (2005)

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