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User Corner

The ILL is dedicated to helping its visiting researchers to make the most of its facilities. Neutron beams and instrument access are provided free of charge for proposers of accepted experiments.

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User guide

Visitors Club

The ILL Visitors Club provides online access to all the information and administrative tools for our scientific visitors, presented in a user friendly environment.


New site entrance from 22 April 2014

Please note that the new site entrance - located at 71 avenue des Martyrs - will come into operation on 22 April 2014. You will no longer be able to access the site via the current site entrance on rue Horowitz.
A new n°34 bus stop is going to be created in front of the new site entrance - Martyrs-Résistance. Only those buses that terminate at Château de Sassenage will stop at this stop; in other words one bus in every three. Please see the new timetables and route maps for the n° 34 bus.

You can consult this map to get a better understanding of the new arrangements.

At the beginning of September, the Tram B extension will come in to service. From the current terminus "Cité Internationale", the extension of the B line will connect  the station area with the Resistance roundabout (near the ILL) via the Rue des Martyrs. Two new stops, CEA and Resistance will be created. Once the B line extension is operational, the n° 34 bus service between the city centre and the Polygone Scientifique / Sassenage will be cancelled.  

Travelling to the ILL

Users are asked to make their own travel arrangements and those who are eligible for reimbursement should submit their original receipts along with their claim form after their visit.


The ESRF/ILL/EMBL site can be easily reached by car using the motorway connections.

When coming from Geneva, Chambery or Turin, on the A41 motorway, take the "Rocade Sud" (the ringroad, direction "Lyon") which takes you onto the N87 and subsequently the A480.
Leave the Rocade Sud at exit N°1 (i.e. of the A480) towards "Polygone Scientifique". At the first roundabout turn right, then drive about 1 km and turn right again at the two next roundabouts. The ESRF/ILL site is clearly indicated at both roundabouts.

When coming from Lyon or Valence, first keep to the A48 (direction "Grenoble Bastille-Gares-Europole"), then take the exit N°16 of the A48 ("Polygone Scientifique"). At the end of the bridge, turn right, follow the lane which turns to the left, then continue straight at the traffic lights. At the roundabout, turn right.

Here is a detailed map of how to get to the ILL.

You can consult the up-to-date timetables and book your tickets on the SNCF (French railway service) web-site. Please note that seat reservations on the TGV are obligatory; they should be made when you buy your ticket.
It is also possible to phone the SNCF for further details: +33 (0)8 36 35 35 35



Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport
Phoning from France: 0 826 800 826
Phoning from abroad: +33 426 007 007

Shuttle coach service from Lyon airport to Grenoble
When travelling from Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport to Grenoble, it is strongly recommended to buy your ticket online, this will allow you to book your seat in the (very often full) coach.

Tickets can also be bought either from the 'Satobus' counter inside the airport, or directly from the driver. Single ticket: 22 EUR; return: 33 EUR.
Coach stop: Platform between Terminals 1 and 2, Level 1. If coming directly to ILL get off at 'Place de la Résistance' roundabout (near the 'Pont d'Oxford'), approx. 5 min walk from the ILL. You must tell the Satobus driver when boarding at the airport that you want to be dropped off at "Place de la Resistance". Otherwise, despite it being an official stop, the driver may not stop!
On your way back to the airport, be sure to use the bus stop on the bridge side of the roundabout and not the bus stop (also called 'Place de la Resistance'!) in front of the CNRS entrance (see map). You will see 'Satobus' written on the sign at the bus stop - it is the same stop as for the 30 and 715 buses to St-Egrève and Voiron. Do not confuse this stop with the others near the roundabout which are used by the local buses. You may also catch the bus at the central bus station ('gare routière') next to Grenoble train station.
Please make a sign to the driver as the coach approaches (approx. 5 minutes after departure from the rail station). Tickets can be bought online or from the driver with cash or by cheque (French banks).


Geneva (GVA) then by train or bus to Grenoble
AEROCAR run 5 coaches a day between Grenoble and Geneva airport. Information available on the Geneva airport website.

Trains run from the airport to Geneva Central Station (Cornavin); change at Cornavin for a train to Grenoble. Information available on the Swiss railway website.


Paris then TGV train to Grenoble TGV timetable


St. Geoirs (GNB) then bus to Grenoble
The airport bus meets each scheduled flight. Returning to the airport the bus leaves from the bus station 2h30 minutes before each scheduled departure. There are fewer buses during the summer months (end March to end October). Please check with our Travel Office for any changes.
A single ticket costs 13 Euros, but it is cheaper to buy a return ticket (20 Euros).

LOCAL BUSES  Take the N°34 marked 'Polygone Scientifique' or 'Sassenage Le Chateau', from the bus stop across the road from Grenoble railway/bus station.  This will take you right to the ILL entrance. 

You can also take the N°30 from behind the station - Europole side, destination 'St Egrève'. This drops you off at the Place de la Résistance roundabout, where you have a few minutes walk to the site.

Journey times for both buses is about 10 minutes and there is a bus every 10-15 minutes throughout the day until about 20.15. Tickets can be purchased singly from the bus driver or in a booklet ('carnet') at tobacconists and major tram stops.

TAXIS: Taxis Grenoblois: 04 76 54 42 54

Getting to the ILL (Mappy - detailed map)

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