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Institut Laue-Langevin

International Workshop on Single-Crystal Diffraction with Polarised Neutrons

26 - 30 January, 2010

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Past events

Flipper 2010 - Grenoble, 26-29 January 2010

Scope of the workshop

The enhanced contrast between the magnetic and nuclear signals in polarised neutron diffraction was first demonstrated in the milestone experiment by Shull, Nathans and colleagues in the late 1950s. The following decades saw steady development of the flipping-ratio technique by small groups of devoted experts who were interested primarily in the experimental determination of magnetic form factors and mapping out of spin density in metals and intermetallics. More recently improvements in instrumentation and analysis techniques have seen application of polarised-neutron diffraction to an increasingly wider range of scientific questions from solution of difficult antiferromagnetic structures, through exploration of spin density in smart materials, such as giant-magnetoresistant oxides and multiferroics, to magnetism in molecules. Chemists, materials scientists and biologists have now joined with physicists to discover the unique capabilities of polarised-neutron diffraction.

To continue to spread the interest in polarised-neutron diffraction amongst the different scientific communities a three-day International Workshop on Single-Crystal Diffraction with Polarised Neutrons was held at the ILL in Grenoble in January 2010. With emphasis on scientific applications, exotic magnetism, and the promise of new applications at both reactor and spallation sources, this workshop aimed to complement the broader biennial PNCMI and triennial Sagamore Conference on Spin, Charge and Momentum Density. 

Program Advisory Committee

  • Rafik Ballou (CNRS, Grenoble, France)
  • Jane Brown (ILL, France)
  • Thomas Brückel (FZ, Jülich, Germany)
  • Steve Collins (Diamond, UK)
  • Helmut Ehrenberg (IFW-Dresden, Germany)
  • Dante Gatteschi (University of Florence, Italy)
  • Béatrice Gillon (LLB, France)
  • Christina Hoffmann (SNS, USA)
  • Kazuhisa Kakurai (JAEA, Japan)
  • Shane Kennedy (ANSTO, Australia)
  • Bertrand Roessli (PSI, Switzerland)
  • Kurt Ziebeck (University of Loughborough, UK)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Anne Stunault (ILL)
  • Garry McIntyre (ILL)
  • Eric Ressouche (CEA, Grenoble)


  • Brigitte Dubouloz (ILL)


E-mail: flipper(at)