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Institut Laue-Langevin

Trends in Cold Neutron Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy

26 - 28 November, 2009

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Past events

TiCN'ToF: Trends in Cold Neutron Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy

Scope of the workshop

The most recent breakthrough in the field of time-of-flight spectroscopy is the expanding use of large area position sensitive detectors (PSD). The improved count-rate and angular acceptance opens new fields of investigation and reinforces the traditional strengths of the cold-neutron high resolution instruments also adding potential for  installing specialized sample environements and  polarisation analysis.

In this stimulating context  we propose a workshop foreseen after half a year of commissioning and practical experience of the IN5 instrument, the first in operation of a series of new cold neutron time-of-flight (CNTOF) equipped with position 
sensitive detectors (PSD) that are starting their user program in 2009.

This multidisciplinary meeting proposes to gather the community and the instrument scientists 
working with CNTOF to share their recent experience and to discuss the scientific prospects and 
opportunities offered by these new instruments, especially with the new feature of PSD detectors. 
The programme will include instrumental and sample environment developments, data acquisition 
and treatment as well as an outlook on recent cutting edge experiments coming up on CNTOF instruments.

Download the flyer and the poster

Flyer (ppt)

Poster (ppt) 

International Advisory Committee

Christiane Alba-Simionesco  (LLB, Saclay,  France)
Masatoshi  Arai (J-PARC, Tokai , Japan)
Gordon Kearley  (ANSTO, Lucas Heights, Australia)
Thomas Brueckel  (JCNS, Jülich, Germany)
Winfried Petry (FRM-II, Munich, Germany)
Ross Stewart (ISIS, Didcot, United Kingdom)

Dan Neuman (NCNR-NIST, United Sates)

Helmut Schober (ILL, Grenoble, France)

Local Organizing Committee

Jacques Ollivier &  Hannu Mutka
Secretary : Alison Mader

Contact e-mail: ticntof(at)