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Neutrons in Biology 2009

Neutrons in Biology meeting
Lund University, Sweden, 22 - 24th June 2009

Lund University Homepage
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A satellite meeting of the EBSA Biophysics Congress

A Laue neutron diffraction pattern from a deuterated protein crystal.

Lund University, Sweden, 22 - 24th June 2009
As the trend towards interdisciplinarity widens for the study of biological systems, neutron scattering approaches are becoming an increasingly important part of the powerful array of techniques that are needed to study these systems in a genuinely integrated way.
This meeting will focus on recent progress in the application of neutron scattering to problems in biological and biomedical science. Presentations will describe recent results concerning a wide range of topics and methods, and will include structural studies of proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes in solutions, crystals, partially ordered systems, and at interfaces.

Neutron density maps (blue; 2.2Å) and X-ray density maps (0.6Å) for a protein residue in a crystal structure.

Strong emphasis will be placed on the way in which neutron approaches can interact with other methods, and on the needs for instrumentation and sample provision in the future. A central goal of this meeting will be to encourage the involvement of scientists who currently do not use neutron methods but whose work can benefit from it. Contributions from young scientists are encouraged and the meeting will include opportunities for contributed oral and poster presentations as well as selected poster talks.
Registrations are open and the deadline for submission of oral presentations has passed. Poster submissions will be accepted
until June 8. One of the posters will be selected for a short presentation. More details are available on the registration page.



NMI3 will sponsor a limited number of bursaries to cover travel, fees and accomodation. The bursaries will be awarded on a competitive basis to a selected number of students or postdocs based on the submitted abstracts. Selected participants will be expected to contribute with an oral presentation. To apply for a bursary please send an email with a copy of your submitted abstract. Note that the deadline for bursary applications is the 8th of June at midnight (same as that for poster submission).




The Neutrons in Biology Meeting is supported by the Swedish Research Council, NMI3 and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Institute of Chemistry. Financial support from ESS Scandinavia is also acknowledged. The poster prize is sponsored by the Biochemical Journal.