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Institut Laue-Langevin

Presqu'île de Giens, 11 - 18 mai 2009

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Past events

A thematic school on "Contribution of Symmetries in Condensed Matter : group theory, phase transitions, crystallography, magnetism, excitations, ... " will take place in the Giens peninsula from 11 to 18 may 2009. This school will be in french langage. Thus the rest of the website is in french (click on "Présentation" to get this page in french). Nevertheless, you can find a brief presentation of this school in english below ...

Presentation of the school

         A school devoted to representations theory is a testimony of the strong E.F. Lewy-Bertaut heritage on the scientific site of Grenoble. Beyond this testimony, this theme is still at the center of scientific actuality, for example in emerging recherch domains such as the study of multiferroic compounds, where the symmetries of the problem are inescapable tools to the comprehension of magneto-electric coupling processes.

         Group theory, and more particularly representations theory, is indeed an extremely powerful tool in the prediction of expected behaviors, based on the symmetries of the system under study, in a large variety of problems both in condensed matter physics and chemistry. The purpose of this school will be to allow researchers to acquire the basics of this formalism, and apply it to various subjects such as magnetic structures determination, (crystallographic, magnetic) phase transitions, (lattice, electronic) excitations, probed with neutrons and X-ray scattering techniques, and other types of spectroscopy (e.g. Raman). Besides, this school could allow a unification of the formalism thanks to the meeting of experts in group theory. The capitalization and transmission of knowledge will be made durable by the publication of the lectures.

        The school, in French language (except for a few lectures given by non french speakers), will last 7 days. It will start with a formal introduction on group theory, then on representations theory. Some lectures, tutorials and practicals, dedicated to each of the themes concerned in condensed matter physics, will then be developed. Except general knowledge in condensed matter physics, no requirement on group theory will be necessary to follow the lectures. The participants of the school will be also encouraged to present posters on their work related to the theme of the school. During these poster sessions, as well as during "questions to speakers" sessions, the experts on the subject and the participants will be able to work together in a less formal manner.

        The concerned public is estimated to 100 persons (including the organizers and speakers) grouping together Ph-D or post-doctoral students, but also more experienced researchers and teacher-researchers. This school should allow to renovate and unify the scientific community in this domain.