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DMM 2007

The International Workshop on Dynamics of Molecules and Materials

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Past events

DMM 2007

The International Workshop on Dynamics of Molecules and Materials

Dynamics of atomic groups or molecules that compose materials contain key information that is indispensable in order to understand and, ultimately, to attempt to control atomic bonding and properties of condensed matter. In order to highlight the existing experimental capabilities as well as available computational resources in this rich domain deserving fundamental science and applications, the TAS, TOF and CS groups at ILL has taken the initiative to organise, jointly with ISIS facility, the DMM Workshop.

The meeting took place in the ESRF Auditorium from 31st January to 2 nd February 2007. More than 75 scientists (from 14 countries – European and East-European, USA and Japan) studying complex materials and molecular systems have exchanged the results and ideas from different techniques and methods, both experimental and computational. Naturally emphasising neutron scattering based studies, the Workshop has given sufficient space to optical and X-ray spectroscopy. One morning session has been devoted to visits of the ILL and ESRF facilities.

The important outcome of this successful event was a clear message from the user community that the efforts on developments and improvement of the experimental base for neutron research should be continued and accented in order to give an access to high energy resolution for studies of complex materials such as catalysts, zeolites, polymers and most biological objects which are only available in polycrystalline form. The projects on development and modernisation of the dedicated instruments as TOSCA at ISIS, VISION at SNS, IN1-BeFilter at ILL have been considered and strongly supported in the course of the scientific sessions, the Round Table organised at the Workshop.

The DMM Workshop organisers (Sasha Ivanov and Mark Johnson from ILL and Stewart Parker from ISIS) benefited from the extended help of the ILL personnel. We thank Virginie Guerard, Ingeborg Te Groen, Sylvie Perroux and Christian Lacaille-Desse for their valuable contributions to different Workshop events. The Workshop will be hardly imaginable without efforts of its secretaries Alison Mader and Laurence Tellier as well as without Serge Claisse who took a serious bit of the organisation charges. We thank ESRF for lending us their premises.

Besides financial contributions from ILL and ISIS, the Workshop has been sponsored by the NMI3 Programme and the CMSD (Centre for Molecular Structure and Dynamics of CLRC in UK). We also thank the town of Grenoble for their subvention.