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Institut Laue-Langevin

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Future Planning

ILL is currently involved in several European collaboration projects

Marie Curie fellowships

Marie Curie Action, 2012-2014

3 fellows (Intra-European and international Incoming) have been hosted at ILL recently

These projects are individual projects developed jointly with the ILL scientists. The list of colleges secretaries should help you find the relevant person. Otherwise you can send a mail to this address.

More information on the Marie-Curie fellowships here.

See also the video below, on a Marie Curie fellowship at ILL.

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The Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy Integrating Infrastructure Initiative

Capacities – Research     infrastructures     (FP6 & FP7)                                                




• Consortium of all Neutron and Muon Facilities in Europe and academic partners: 18 beneficiaries, including 8 Research Infrastructures

• Budget: 13.35 M€ (current project)

• 7M€ for transnational access (for foreign users to national facilities)

• 4M € for Joint research & development

• 2M € for networking between facilities ( harmonization of practise, training, outreach ...)


The Cluster of Research Infrastructures for Synergies in Physics



Capacities – Research Infrastructures
FP7 for ESRFI projects


•    17 beneficiaries all over Europe from various fields
•    Budget: 12 M€
•    4 main topics: Accelerators, Instruments & Experiments, Detectors & Data acquisition, IT & Data management


Photon and Neutron data infrastructure initiative- Open Data Infrastructure

Capacities – E-infrastructures FP7                                                                        



•    Budget: 2 M€
•    11 beneficiaries
•    Topics: user catalogue and authentification, data catalogue, virtual labs, data provenance – preservation- scalability


Accelerated metallurgy – the accelerated discovery of alloy formulations using combinatorial principles

Collaboration -NMP                                                                        


•    Budget: 12.25 M€
•    31 beneficiaries
•    Coordinated by ESA (European Space Agency)